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Moving Tips:
how to be prepared

All of this advice is shared with the goal of saving you money. The more of the following things you can do in advance, the less time your move will take, and the less your move will cost.

What to Know Before The Move

Boxes and Packing

If it fits in a box, it belongs in one—with a lid, taped shut, and labeled. Get all the details on our Packing Pointers page.


Once you’ve got everything packed, place boxes together in a central location (either one group in each room, or all boxes combined in one room if you don’t have that much to move) to save our movers from having to hunt for them.

Electronic Components

We recommend you put all of your electronic components (stereos, DVD players, gaming boxes, computers, and other delicate equipment) into their original shipping boxes, or in a box that provides the same level of protection.


Because standard moving insurance does not cover electronic components, most people elect to move these items on their own.

Preparing Furniture

Please remove all valuables before we arrive, including jewelry, firearms, cash, etc., as we do not accept any liability for loss of these items.


The following pieces of furniture must be EMPTY -- please remove everything from drawers, shelves and cabinets of...


  • Dressers, armoires, and night stand / end table drawers

  • Dining room buffets, hutches and curio cabinets

  • Office desks, credenzas, and bookcases

  • Living room entertainment centers, storage cabinets, wall units, bookshelves, end tables and coffee tables with storage

  • Garage storage cabinets and workbenches


Filing cabinets depend on their size:


  • 2-drawer cabinets may be left full

  • 4-drawer cabinets and lateral file cabinets must be EMPTY


Safes (for valuables, guns, etc.) must be EMPTY.


Please disassemble all beds prior to our arrival, and tape the metal slats together with the screws securely enclosed. Yes, we are happy to do this for you, but whatever you are willing to do will save time and thus lessen the cost of your move.


Spinet pianos, upright pianos, and organs can be moved as long as there are lifting pegs on the back. Other piano sizes will be transported on a piano board, or referred to another moving company depending on the piano and its condition. If there is no concrete walkway extending from our truck to the doorway you wish the piano to come through, you are required to let us know so that we can bring appropriate boards for transport.


Refrigerators and freezers must be empty.


Hot tubs need to be drained completely and disconnected.


Please disconnect your washer and dryer before we arrive. If your water and natural gas hoses are more than 5 years old, this is a good time to buy new hoses, as hoses can split and break with age / handling. Depending on the condition of your appliances and hoses, we may be able to disconnect and reconnect them for you, but we reserve the right to decide based on our experience.

Tools - Power and Gardening

Garage and gardening tools that do not fit into a box need to be taped together in a bundle at top and bottom (roughly 4-5 items together, depending on their size and bulk).


Both indoor and outdoor plants can be moved—up to the driver’s discretion— depending on the size and whether they can be safely transported. Please note: it is not uncommon for old clay or ceramic pots to crack during a move; we are not liable should this happen. If you need to move very large plants or trees, we recommend you contact a nursery company.


If you want us to move firewood, you must let us know ahead of time, so we can bring appropriate tarps to keep the rest of your move clean of debris.

Organizing Move Logistics

Service Disconnections

Please do not request that your telephone service, alarm service, or other technician-dependent services be disconnected on the day of the move. Waiting for a serviceman can delay your move and cost you more money. It may also make it difficult for us to reach you if we are experiencing a delay.

Moving Out of a Rental or Managed Building

If you live in a rental home or managed building, contact your building manager, owner, or property management company to alert them to the date and time of your move—both at your old location AND at new location if/when applicable. Building management personnel often require being on hand during a move.


If you live in a building with an elevator, or are moving to a building with an elevator, please make the necessary arrangements to reserve it. Sharing an elevator will slow down the moving process and cost you more money.


If the building you live in, or are moving to, has restricted or limited parking, make arrangements to reserve space for our truck. In some instances, you may need to contact the City to get a special parking permit in advance.

Imagine the Move

If possible, visit your new location and imagine carrying something large from the parking area into your rooms. This often helps identify potential moving challenges—extra stairs or long distance to walk, a door with a keypad lock, only one elevator, etc.— which we can be prepared for, as long as you have given us advance notice.

We Love Signs

Prior to the date of your move, it’s helpful if you can put signs up to help us know where to go. For large apartment or condominium complexes, a big "Danny ->" sign to help us know which building and/or where to park can be helpful.  Inside your new place, putting signs on the doors of the rooms that correspond to your box label system (e.g., Bedroom #1, Bedroom #2, Family Room, etc.) will help our staff deliver things to the proper room as quickly as possible. Less time = less cost!

Alarm Code

If there's a public garage key pad or door code or a burglar alarm code, make sure you have those codes if applicable (sounds simple, but it's often forgotten!)

Plan to be Flexible

We recommend you not schedule other activities after your move. If your move runs late, you might miss your appointment.

On the Day of Your Move

Timing, Availability, and Delays

Unless your move time is scheduled for the first time slot in the morning, please be aware that our arrival time may be slightly different than scheduled.


Sometimes our morning move customers did not finish packing / preparing and we need more time to help them. Other times they may have decided to do more of the move themselves, and we get finished earlier.


For these reasons, if you are scheduled for a late morning, afternoon or evening move time, please be available one hour ahead of schedule in case we get done early with the prior move.


We promise to contact you by phone if we are running early or late, and we truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Other Details

You, or a designated third party (friend, neighbor or family member), must be on hand when we first arrive at your original location. Please be sure to give us the name of this person in advance, to avoid misunderstandings and possible theft.


We reserve the right to request that you do not help us load or unload the truck due to insurance regulations. If our driver chooses to make an exception to this policy, you will be required to sign a Moving Assistance Waiver.


If you wish to ride along with us in the moving truck to your new destination, you will be required to sign a Ride-Along Waiver.

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