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Process and Policies...
What to Expect Before, During, and After Your Move

The following describes the general process for moving your household goods or other items with Danny the Mover; our policies are indicated in red text:

Step 1:   Packing

It’s never too soon to begin packing, because the process always requires far more purging, prioritizing, and preparation time than you expect. Your job is to get everything into a box with a lid, or otherwise combined and secured in bundles.


For expert packing tips, read our Packing Pointers page >

Please pack very carefully—we are not responsible for broken items inside boxes that we did not pack. Electronic components such as stereos, DVD players, gaming boxes, computers, and other delicate equipment must be packed in its original shipping box, or in a box that provides the same level of protection. Many customers elect to move these items on their own.

Step 2:   Free Estimate

We recommend contacting us to schedule your free estimate only after you feel confident that you have finished separating out the “keepers” from the “getting rid of” items.


If you plan to get rid of things but never get around to doing it by the date of your move, more things to move = more time time to move, which will cause us to go over our estimate. Help us meet our estimate by being prepared!


Our estimate is based on you following the procedures outlined on our Moving Tips and Packing Pointers pages. Failure to follow these will result in our needing more time to complete your move, which results in a larger moving bill. The #1 reason for us going over the estimate is not having all of the packing / preparation done in advance, and/or using boxes without lids.

Step 3:   Before the Move

Read and follow all of the procedures outlined in our Moving Tips and Packing Pointers pages.


If circumstances change, and you must reschedule or cancel your move, and/or if you were unable to complete all of the packing that you had hoped to do, please contact us as soon as possible. We often have several moves scheduled during the same day, and we like to be able to coordinate our timing as closely as possible.


We will call you one day prior to your move to reconfirm with you. If for some reason you have not heard from us by 4pm on the day before your move, please call our office to confirm the status of your job.

We do not move hazardous materials such as gasoline, propane tanks, paint, sheetrock, large machinery, jewelry or firearms. Please make your own advance arrangements for the transport of these items, separate from our move service with you.


If you need to change or cancel your moving date or time, please be thoughtful and call us immediately, so we can book another customer in your time slot.

Step 4:   During the Move

If your move is not the first appointment of the morning, it’s possible that our arrival time may be slightly different from what was promised, due to unforeseen circumstances at the prior move. We will contact you by phone if we are running early or late.


In the event of unfavorable weather, our crew will place cardboard or moving pads down to protect carpets and hardwood floors.


If we observe any damage to an item before we have begun to handle it, we will point this out to you (or make a note of it if you are not on the premises). If you have any questions at all, or are concerned about a particular item or valuable piece, please consult your Lead Mover immediately.


You, or a designated third party (friend, neighbor or family member), must be on hand when we first arrive at your original location. Please be sure to give us the name of this person in advance, to avoid misunderstandings and possible theft.


You are required to keep pets secured in a kennel or safely locked away in a room to prevent injury to your pet or our movers, and to prevent them from escaping.


Although we take every precaution to move your possessions without damage, we can not be responsible for damage to electronic components, items inside boxes that we did not pack, household items made of particle board, unprotected glass, and wicker furniture.


Any furniture that must be moved across a railing or through a window will be done solely at the customer’s own risk.


We reserve the right to refuse to move and/or insure any item that is in poor condition, or must be moved into or out of an area with poor access, or if the item is not designed to be moved into a particular space.


If we are only providing loading/unloading services into your own truck, we accept no liability for any damage once you leave and are on the road.


We reserve the right to request that you do not help us load or unload the truck due to insurance regulations. If our driver chooses to make an exception to this policy, you will be required to sign a Moving Assistance Waiver.


If you wish to ride along with us in the moving truck to your new destination, you will be required to sign a Ride-Along Waiver.

Step 5:  After the Move

Payment is due in full upon completion of the move. Any damages must be noted on the Final Invoice form.

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